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The Groove Cats ~ What Others Are Saying
You guys are really the greatest. You have made our wedding a true party day. Thank you so much for all that you did.
~ Mike and Vicki

Dear David, I truly would love to thank you for all the kindness you extended to me at a time when so many decisions had to be made. Your attention to details and your ideas about having a party were really "the best." I do feel that you did go way beyond the call of duty and it is nice to meet someone who really cares and takes pride in what they do. Your party planning and choice of music made the whole wedding. Wish I could do it again... Thank you so much, ~ Cindy Parker

Dear David, My wife and I can not thank you enough for making our wedding party such a great day. All of our friends and family still keep talking about how great the wedding was and what a fantastic band we had. I truly feel that if not for the Groove Cats we never would have had as much fun as we did. We love you guys and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please stay in touch and let us know when we can see you again. Sincerely, ~ Paul and Catherine

Your choice of songs was excellent. All of our friends raved about your music and how much fun you were to watch. I guess you guys really do have a good time when you play. We can not thank you enough. Wish we could do it again! ~ Nancy and Bob

Where did you get all your energy? You sure made it spread to the dance floor. Seems like nobody wanted to leave. We could have danced all night. Thank you again. ~ Harvey and Sally


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